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C&R Supply


C&R Supply


E-Z ATV Sprayer


EZ ATV C&R Supply

Safety Features:

  • Pump mounted below for
    a built in baffle
  • Tank is lower and wider
    to keep low center of
  • Cut away for boom
    brackets to keep tank
    flat on rack
  • flanged fill well to keep
    chemical away from the
  • Universal mounting to accommodate
    most machines

Other Features:

  • Easy access controls
  • Hand gun with 8″ barrel and
    adjustable nozzle
  • Two suction points on the
    bottom of each leg
  • Simple to install and take
  • Arm and back rest for your
  • Gal. capacity-16, 24 OR 40
    with optional front tank add on


  • Boomless Nozzle
    • 2 Boomless Nozzles, size 1160 nozzles
    • 32 ft. max coverage
    • left, right, or both spray control
  • 12 Foot Boom Option
    • 12ft or 18ft boom option
    • 12 ft Demco breakaway boom
    • Height adjustable and easy to move
    • Four flood tips with tip screens
  • 16 Gallon Front Tank
    • Plumbing kit included
  • Spray Shield
    • Reduces spray drift on the operator and ATV
    • Light weight
    • Easy to install
    • No assembly required