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Cressoni Sunflower Head

cressoni sunflower head

Series STACSOL has been developed to meet requirements of good and quick sunflower harvest with low waste at a reduced price.

The cogged-roller under the header pulls the straw downward and helps the cut of the sunflower head.

The big screw guarantees a continuous regular feeding flow.

The header STACSOL can be fitted to all makes and types of combines.

The points allow the sunflower header to harvest to any row crop spacing.

The points hold the sunflower header at 5 cm from the ground.

The resistant and light frame has a balanced structure.

The reel protection is hydraulic adjustable to be more or less aggressive.


Sno-Way Pickup Plows

Commercial Snow Plows:

Revolution HD Series: Fits 3/4 Ton to Class 5 Trucks

32 Contractor Series:  Fits 3/4 Ton to Class 5 Trucks

29R Series: Fits HD 1/2 Ton to 1 Ton Trucks

29VHD Series: Fits HD 3/4 Ton to Class 5 Trucks

29HD Series: Fits HD 1/2 Ton to 1 Ton Trucks

29THD Series: Fits HD 1/2 Ton to 1 Ton Trucks

Light Commercial Snow Plows:

26R Series: Fits 1/2 Ton Trucks

26 Series: Fits 1/2 Ton Trucks

Non Commercial Snow Plows:

22 Series: Fits Downsized Trucks and SUV’s



Redmax Blowers

blowers-42f091f3[1]Handheld and Backpack Blower Models Available:

Handheld blower has one push stop switch, Front exhaust

Clear fuel tank is easy to fill and easy to check the fuel level

Backpack blowers are equipped with variable speed cruise control throttles and extra-wide shoulder straps and a contoured, air-forced, cushioned back pad that keeps users cool in the field.  Uses only commercial-grade engines with large 2-state air filters for long life. Commercial models are equipped with Free Flow Air Net, which reduces air intake blockage providing maximum blowing performance.


Redmax Trimmers and Brushcutters


trimmers-43dbb380[1]Many  Residential, Light Duty Commercial, Commercial (Regular Torque), Commercial (Max Torque) Trimmer and Brushcutter Models Available

Redmax Weed Trimmers include solid-steel drive shafts that are splined on both ends.  This reduces vibration and improves acceleration.



Redmax brushcutters are built to withstand the most difficult clearing jobs from tough grasses and shrubs to dense undergrowth.


Lynx Snowblowers


Economy Model Snowblowers

Sizes: 52″, 62″, & 70″

Included in Unit Price:

Color is all Red

Chute without rotation or cylinders

Deflector rod

Welded cutting edge

Adjustable Skid Shoes

Recommended: 16 to 25 HP PTO

Choice of Rotation and Cylinders:

Manual or Hydraulic


Kit of 2 unidirectional restrictors


Dump Trailers

Dump Trailer

Off road dump trailers

Single axle, 4 tons or 5 ton trailers available

Tandem axle, 5 tons

Sizes: 5′ 2″ x 8′ 3″ dumps on 3 sides

5′ 11″ x 8′ 9″ rear dumping only


Side Dump Trailer




Round, square, or rectangular silage bale tubing machine.

Adjusts easily to the diameter and shape of the bales.

Uses stretchable and recyclable plastic tubes.

Self operating: fully integrated hydraulic system driven by an auxiliary gas engine.

Self propelling, Automatic ram pushes the bales into the tube.

Can be operated on various ground conditions.

Front jack and rear wheels are hydraulically adjustable for easy relocation.

Integrated oil reservoir.

Round Bale Handler

round bale handlerRound bale handler with bales

Heavy duty construction and precise engineering.

Patented loading arm for turning and quick loading of the bales without stopping.

Choice of electric or manual controls.

Can handle 4′ and 5′ diameter bales; option to handle 6′ diameter bales.

Choice of 6 models to meet all requirements.

Road lights included.

Auto-Load Square Bale Handler

Square bale handlerSquare bale handler with full load








Designed to transport one layer of bales, in silage or dry hay.

A single operator picks up and transports the bales.

Allows you to pick up the bales while moving at up to 12 mph.

Unloads in less than 2 minutes.

Carries up to 15 bales depending on their dimensions.

Handles bales of 32″ x 36″,  24″ x 48″,  36″ x 48″  or 48″ x 48″.

Road lights included.



All purpose mixer with hydraulic motor.

6.2 cu. ft. capacity.

Spiral vane to mix and to unload by simply reversing the rotation.

Easy to clean.

Mix remains homogenous even when pouring small quantities at a time.

Can also be used as an all purpose mixer to mix concentrate, feed minerals, seeds. treat corn, inoculate soy beans etc.