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North Country Marketing is now North Country Machinery

We have recently changed our name from North Country Marketing to North Country Machinery, and we are now located at 176 Main Ave E, Unit J, West Fargo, ND 58078.

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One Happy Fellar!

Sno-Way Plow

We want to share with you these great comments and pics from a recent customer who is really enjoying his new Sno-Way plow! Thank you, Brandan, for taking the time to share your experience with us!

Rhonda (at NCM),

Got home last night and I had to use the plow! I used it on the street in front of my house where the snow plow has not come to yet. The stuff was packed down pretty good. First pass was “float” and not bad. Second pass was with the Down Pressure. Got right down to the cement and just kept on going. I am very very pleased with the setup!

When I really enjoy a product, I always try to show it off. So the first thing that I did was go to Sno-Way’s Facebook page and posted a picture of my truck in the shop showing the plow. Their site administrator said: “We might be contacting you for more pics.”

Later that day, I went outside and saw that all the trees were covered in frost so, of course I took some great pictures. As you can see from the attachment, they came out really good. I posted one of the pictures on their site, and not only did they repost it on their page for everyone to see. The picture has been seen by many different people. Some people up in Canada said that they wanted one.

So of course, I posted on there that it was purchased from you guys. So I can only hope that you get some additional business.

I personally think that these pictures are better than the pictures on Sno-Way’s website for one simple reason, its a real snow plow taken when there is snow on the ground!

Thanks again.

A very satisfied customer!

Brandan Ressler