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Rock Buckets/Grapples

Rock Bucket/Grapple

Fabrication S. Houle’s Rock Bucket is available for all types of tractors, from 48” to 108” wide.

The hitches make it fast and easy to hook up. A first in its category, our rock bucket offers great strength and flexibility as well as amazing durability.

Available in: BB Series 30-60 HP,  B Series 60-100 HP,  HB Series 85-200HP,  SHB 200HP-Higher.

The teeth on our Grapples are made of moulded chromolybdene steel. With an elasticity of 95,000 lbs/in.2, they offer great resistance and increased rigidity. In addition, all grapple teeth are replaceable.

The smart design of the hydraulic hose support ensures the hydraulic connections stay put, and provides maximum shielding for the hoses, protecting them from branches and other objects.

Our grapple hooks up to your S. Houle bucket quickly and safely.

All our grapples are equipped with 2 hydraulic cylinders (2 in. dia., 10 in. course). The cylinder pins, as well as all pins where there is movement, are greaseable, which will prolong the life of your grapple.