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ATV Sprayers

ATV Maxi Sprayer









• Walking Tandem Axles
• Axles Adjust for Row Spacing
• 4 HP Honda Engine with 22.5 GPM Centrifugal Pump
• Pull with a Larger ATV or Small Utility Tractor
• Clean Water Rinse Tank
• Auto Boom Breakaway
• High Floatation Tires (20 x 10 x 8.0)
• Adjustable Hitch Height
• 1 Year Sprayer Warranty
• Manual Boom Section Control

Add Spot Spraying to its Features with a Spray Wand

ATV Mini Sprayer









• Commercial Quality
• 50 Gallon Low Profile Tru-Kleen Tank Empties to the Last Drop!
• Tank has molded Anti-Vortex Baffles
• 16.5” x 8” High Floatation Turf Tires
• All Terrain Design

Skid Sprayers








Manage it all with a 50 or 100 Gallon ATV Skid Sprayer. Choose between a 7 Gallon per minute Electric pump and a 4HP Honda Gas Engine-driven centrifugal pump. Choose between a 13′ or 18′ Boom for even coverage in flat terrain, or put Boomless Nozzles on it to spray the steepest, roughest hillside you need to manage.

Standard Features:
• Adjustable Swing-Away Control Arm
• Master Shut-off
• Left/Right Shut-off Valves at Booms
• Liquid-Filled Gauge
• Pressure Regulator
• Standard TeeJet Components
• Anti-Vortex Baffles
• Spray Gun and Hose Reel










The E-Z Series of sprayers feature a 16 and 24 gallon tank specifically designed for ATV’s. The unique wrap around design allows for a low center of gravity, complete drainage from twin sumps, and easy mounting and dismounting of sprayer as controls and booms are mounted to the tank and not the ATV rack. All models are standard with a 12 volt pump, no drip hand gun with 12 ft hose, in-line strainer, and main line valve.

25 Gal. EZ Rider ATV Sprayer w/Boomless Nozzles
16 Gal. EZ Aux Tank


Reduces spray drift on the operator and ATV
Light in weight
Easy to install
No assembly required…just slide over existing bracket and tighten thumb nut